Wearing wristwatch has become a habit. So if you are retailer to wholesale watches, you have to take watches trend and watches market in consideration.

The famous concept store design Parisian has created its own mechanical watch with manual winding. For the beauty of the gesture, simply. "I love mechanical watches and I'm in rebellion against connected watches," he admits with a serious smile, “The over connection doesn't bring us anything. Our watch allows only to be connected to anything; I wanted to imagine a watch that is only connected to the present moment.” So as watch company, a well positioned watch with cultivated references is necessary.

In style, the inspiration is resolutely vintage, alternating polished, satin and Plexiglas glass. Watch collectors will get one vintage watch. And the custom watches also very popular, Nato strap, calf, perlite, calf scraped, leather upturned, and even jeans which the bracelet can be mounted on removable strips lends itself to all styles and moods.

Custom watches, reassembling watch is a wonderful gesture that allows us to readjust in time. How to store watches, a statement which between price and quality.