Data of July confirm the recovery of the Swiss watchmaking industry. The export of Swiss watches has indeed show the positive sign for the three consecutive month.

Swatch Group has already announced in July the figures for its first half-year 2017, characterised by a net profit growing to 281 million francs (+ 6.8%) and a stable turnover of CHF 3.7 billion (-0.3%).

According report, the Swiss export of wholesale watches, this in July was equal to 1.7 billion francs (1.5 billion euros), 3.6% more than a year earlier. At the international level economic growth overall improves and the franc is now a little less strong, there are therefore fewer obstacles to Swiss exports.

In the month, the exports to Hong Kong rose by 16.8%, USA rose by 1.4%, China export in 22.3%; Negative sign for France (-1.7%) and Italy (-14.3%); positive sign for Germany (+ 13.4%) etc.

Looking at the top ten markets data, these data on the export of Swiss watches are in good or bad a prominent indicator for the whole sector, considering the fact that Switzerland represents more than 50% of the worldwide turnover of the sector itself and that the watchmaking companies rossocrociate export about 90% of their production.