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Swiss luxury watch still be the symbol in rich world

If we look at the world as a whole, there is undoubtedly a great inequality. It is a problem that there is one percent in Switzerland, the US and Asia. That's a fundamental and economic problem.

Switzerland is generally much admired, the country and its people are seen as role models. Singapore is also often referred to as the Switzerland of Asia. Clean, orderly, well organized, efficient. Then Switzerland also stands for quality, Made in Switzerland, people admire that, especially with wholesale watches.

For some people, Rolex Daytona Paul Newman vintage watches are very popular. But no matter what people preference, good Swiss custom watches belong to the wardrobe, tailored suits, the right shoes both count.

Appearances is very important for Asians. It's all about how you look and how you're perceived, which car you drive, where you live. But then there are those who do not care at all, usually the very rich. For example, the richest men in the world would never be recognized on the street. He looks like a bus driver. With his $16 billion, he has nothing more to prove. He does not need flashy custom watches.

Of course, it depends on what you think, anyway, the Swiss luxury watches still be the symbol in rich world.

torstai, 2. marraskuu 2017

Made in China products spread in Indian markets

Indian shops and street vendors are awash with inexpensive Chinese goods of reasonable quality including wholesale kids watches, LED lighting, electronics, and smartphones. India has talented and hard-working entrepreneurs, and as labor costs escalate in China, India could also become a “manufacturer for the world.”

But according to the McKinsey report, Indian factories lag in automated equipment, capacity utilization, supply chains, and quality control. For example, few successful factory owners expand plants beyond 99 workers.

Most manufacturing in China is done on a large scale, for example, an Indian producer may have three plastic injection-molding machines, whereas a Chinese counterpart has more than 70. Larger scale means that overhead and fixed costs can be spread over more units of production, thereby reducing the cost per unit.

So if you want to wholesale custom watches, for now, you can choose China watch manufacturer, they’re the most experienced and sometimes even the most efficient. It can reduce you communicate and time cost.

tiistai, 24. lokakuu 2017

3d cartoon character watches for children

Not only adults love fashion, but also kids love to show the latest fashion styles, imitate their favorite actors and talk about their favorite movie characters! So it is good promotional way to wholesale kids watches by customized with fashion elements. These children promotional watches can be imprinted with logo, artwork or cartoon characters to impress the little kids.

These light weight, safe material and attractive 3d pattern in the watches will be kids’ best party friends and can teach kids how to read time! If you want to use to promote your company, imprint your fun message through the unique artwork and colorful cartoon characters to see how logo watches far and wide.

Watches are not just time keeping gadgets but also stylish accessories. Children will love these creative watches and learning to read the time. Sports stores and toys stores can use these custom watches for boys and girls to increase their popularity. Children would like to wear cartoon character watches to participate kinds of festival events, sports leagues and community fairs and carnivals.

Design your kids watches with them will make kids excited and grabs the attention of everyone around. Halloween days is coming, choose one to decorate the Ghosts costume and more. Go for it!

torstai, 19. lokakuu 2017

The brand kids watches focus on learning concept

Swiss company group Swatch launched the first children's watch of the brand Flik Flak in 1987. Flik Flak was a pioneer in this area. At that time there were almost no watches for children on the market, at least none that were so affordable. There was also no learning concept to teach children the clock reading. The Flik Flak pointers, which the color contrasts and color codes was completely new. This educational approach have retained to this day and the learning concept has proven itself to this day. So more and more wholesale kids watches are located at time teacher or time learing.

If develop watches is worn by very young customers, the watch manufacturer have a particularly great responsibility such as Mekhome Products Ltd. The most important concern for parents is security. Safety always prevails, we would never compromise. Children wear watches as well as adults. For example, we must ensure that our product can withstand the daily adventures of the small ones. Therefore, the watches are not only shock-resistant and waterproof, but also equipped with a textile tape that can even land in the washing machine. The bracelet is already soft in the factory condition and not stiff. It can be adjusted to wrist sizes. It is very particularly suitable for children.

Let's take a look at the exterior of the kids watches. Chidren also have their own colors and tastes who wear the watches. The kids watch company want to inspire the young customers with colorful designs and offer them the opportunity to realize themselves. The range stretches from spiderman to follower, so every child can find a watch that corresponds to his passions and interests.

The new collection of the brand Flik Flak company produces new kids watches twice a year, as well as regularly presents collaborations with artists. So don’t forget to get new one for your lovely children!

tiistai, 10. lokakuu 2017

RGM Watch Company focus on make exceptional watches

RGM Watch Company is known for creating unusual wholesale custom watches who create watch using metal from the Original Hollywood sign for Hollywood 1923. This is very good way to keep Hollywood memories alive. Now RGM focuse on create the luxury mechanical custom watches who are returning to the art of watch manufacturing.

The Hollywood watch have an automatic movement and is engraved with the Hollywood 1923 words on the case back, along with the number of the piece. The stainless steel watch case for this new timepiece is RGM's Model 25, made in the USA, and measuring 40mm in diameter. An ETA 2892-A2 automatic Swiss-made Movement powers the watch.

This year is RGM Watch Company 25th anniversary. RGM was founded by Roland Murphy. Murphy wants to carry on a tradition of quality watchmaking. What sets RGM Watch apart from other watch manufacturer is the fact most brands do not make their own movements.

"Roland is bringing back the idea of making watches in America again," Poirer said. "I think that's important, even if it's done on a small scale, because America, for a very long time, led the way in watchmaking and watch production."

In watchmaking, like the rest of the industrial world, the important element is economics and advantage. There are many reasons to manufacture watches parts such as cost, speed, control and specialty, just as there are many reasons to outsource the watches that efficiency, cost, speed, investment, resource management. RGM has created dials, movement components, and other required parts to manufacture its watches. They are also expand its design and engineering options. These are the same costs a supplier has, but the brand doesn’t pay for all of those as they change, only the quoted price.

"We can sell the highest quality at a lower price because I don't need to have a margin for a jeweler or a distributor, our desire was to create things at a higher level," said Murphy. "I can give the margin to the customer. We can have the highest quality at every price point."

RGM makes exceptional watches, and the effort behind them is no less fantastic than any other brand regardless of location. We hope every watch manufacturer can be responsible for quality watches.RGM%20Watch.jpg

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